How do I build my assistant?

Some people might think that building AI is rocket science, but with Verse every step is made as simple as smiling (: Ready for launch in 10 minutes πŸš€

Step 1: Create an area β€’ Click on + next to Areas on the left side menu. β€’ Type your choice in the Pick A Name box. β€’ Click on Create Area.

Step 2: Add an answer β€’ Select Untitled Answer and type the title your prefer. β€’ Click on the body of the answer and start writing. β€’ Customize the text with different font sizes and styles.

Step 3: Associate it with questions β€’ Click on the Questions tab. β€’ Write in the How would users ask this? box and press Enter when you're done. β€’ Add about 10 varied questions to maximize Verse's potential.

Step 4: Train it β€’ It's learning time for your assistant! β€’ Click on the Train button on the top right corner. β€’ Tadan! Your assistant just learned everything you've entered so far.

Step 5: Test it β€’ Click on the widget on the bottom right corner. β€’ Ask questions you're curious about. β€’ Decide whether you're satisfied and leave a πŸ‘or πŸ‘Ž for feedback.

Step 6: Sentences to check β€’ View the questions that are new to your assistant or received a negative feedback. β€’ Label each question by selecting an Answer on the right column. β€’ Delete questions if not relative to your company or assign them to your team members. β€’ Click on Apply changes. β€’ Select Train to teach the assistant these edits.

Step 7: Go live β€’ Choose Settings & Installation on the left side menu. β€’ Copy the code snippet in the Production script box and paste it on your website. β€’ Anytime you modify your assistant, click on Sync to latest version.

See? It's that simple.

Enjoy your journey!